“Our Quest is at an End!”

Our quest for the GINGER ALTOIDS, that is! I’d heard of these, and had been searching high and low, to the point where I was beginning to doubt their existance. I’d heard you could only buy them at Trader Joe’s (which we do not have in this stupid area), then I saw them on eBay, but people were only selling them in cases of 10 friggin’ tins! I had just about given up all hope of attaining the mythical mints, when this morning, lo…there they were, at the checkout at Target.

And there was much rejoicing.

I guess they sold well enough for the company to decide to send them out to a wider market. I can see why, because these puppies RAWK! I bought three tins, just in case they vanish, but I hope they’re here to stay. Ginger Altoids, now the Official Mint of Tarsierjungle.net.

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  1. whistler Says:

    Glad you found them. Mark checked out TJ here and didn’t find them….

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