Don’t let the door hit ya…

Well it’s about time!!

Myron Cope is dead!!

I’ve been waiting for this day since I first moved to PGH lo those many years ago.  Call me evil, but I did a dance of joy that I will never have to hear that accursed voice again.  (A brief lesson — Myron was a famous local sports broadcaster who did all the Steeltard games, he had a voice like a hyperactive weasel gargling battery acid, he liked to include a lot of Pittsburghese in his play-by-plays, and generally was just about as obnoxious as a radio personality can get.  And oh, how the Steeltard Nation loved him. )

Locally, the mourning will most likely be blown into Evita Peron proportions, but if I just keep the telly off for a week it will all blow over and then I can enjoy the lack of his voice.  Ahhhhh…..

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