A Fistful of Crawford

There are only 31 shopping days left until Joan Crawford’s birthday!

And just in time there are two new goodies for me to covet.

Not The Girl Next Door.
A new biography of Joan by Charlotte Chandler. Granted, I’ve already read (and own) tons of Crawford bios, but I am still very keen on getting this one for three reasons:

  1. I’ve read the same author’s Bette Davis bio and it was pretty good.
  2. This book purports to be pro-Joan and anti-That Bitch Christina(tm), and that always sells me.
  3. Can never get enough of the Crawford Saga.

Even more exciting…

The Joan Crawford DVD Collection: Volume 2!!

I am so thrilled with this! I have Vol.1 of course, and it has some all-time classics. I’d expect Vol.2 to not be as impressive, but they made some excellent choices:

  • A Woman’s Face
  • Sade McKee
  • Flamingo Road
  • Strange Cargo
  • Torch Song

I don’t think any of these movies have been on DVD before..there are several that I’ve wanted to see for years and have never been able to, and a few that I’ve only caught parts of on TCM years ago. Warner Bros sometimes drops the ball on its DVD sets of classic films, but this time they hit it out of the ballpark.

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  1. Loup Says:

    Yay for Joan!!

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