Sharpe’s Strumpet

Hrmm…I was about to send out an SOS (as in “Seen Our SeanBaby??) because I haven’t seen hide nor hair of Sean in ages, and can’t recall the last time that I heard about any decent upcoming projects for him.

But a trip to a fansite quickly reveals what he’s been up to: he was busy getting married to a run-of-the-mill British skank on Tuesday! Eeep!

Last I heard, this wedding had been scheduled once already, then called off. Seems SeanBaby and WhatsHerSkank up there have a “volatile” relationship…screaming, yelling, calls to cops, etc. Of course, nothing fixes up an unstable relationship between people with a 20-year age difference like marriage! Works out great ALL the time!!

*pop! pop! plonk*

Sorry, I rolled my eyes so hard they popped right out of the sockets. Now they’re all covered in cat hair. Owie.

Ahem. Anyway, even if she was the nicest girl on earth I still have to say…you’re in London…they have lots of stores there…you’re getting married to Sean bloody Bean…and that’s the best you can do with yourself?!? Sweet merciful Elvis! My hair looks better than that most days, and that’s really bad! :) And is it me, or is she wearing a black bra under a white sheer-ish top? Criminal.

The moral of the story is: Sometimes it’s better to not go looking for news.

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