Drive-By Wallpapering: By Request

Last week Loupy asked for it, (what? You people don’t like Russell??) and this week I’m giving it: Josh Brolin wallpapers. This was rather challenging, because Josh has not been famous enough long enough to have any nice portfolios of quality photos out there. But I did my best with what I had, and it was a fun assignment indeed. Hope ya like em, Loupy.


AND a special bonus treat just for Loup because I found this cool pic and I know how she lubs, lubs, lubs her Tommy Lee Jones. This face could be on Mt. Rushmore:

One Response to “Drive-By Wallpapering: By Request”

  1. Loup Says:

    Okay I was all school girl giddy when I saw the JB images … but holy dog did I squee with delight when I saw my Tommy Lee … you rawk my friend!!

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