Up For Grabs

Dude, I’m goin’ to He…I mean, my workplace has finally caved to my nagging and provided me with a brand new cheap-ass shitty DELL computer for use at the office. For once, getting a Dell is a good thing. Previously, I had to tote my albatros…uh…big, heavy 15-inch PowerBook to and fro, and it was just pointless since all I do at work is read and respond to emails, basically.

So anyway, now I have a dedicated computer at work which will set off a nice chain of events:

1. I can get rid of my PowerBook

2. We will buy a new Mac Mini

3. We will replace our iMac with the Mini

4. I will stop having a laptop be my primary computer! Yay!! I know a lot of people use laptops exclusively, but for some reason it bugs me.

Anyway, the laptop will go to my mom, but the iMac is up for grabs. Anybody want one? Seriously, send me an email, make me an offer…it’s one of these ones:

3 Responses to “Up For Grabs”

  1. Loup Says:

    We have the dual processor Mac Mini up for grabs as well … email LK for the details.

  2. whistler Says:

    Wow! It’s a sell-a-bration!!!

  3. Wendy Says:

    You selling anything Whistler?

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