Two Dozen

Remember Dozen Cupcake shop?  I hope you do, and if you live in PGH and haven’t been yet, shame upon thee!!  Well, the good people of Dozen have just opened Dozen Bakeshop in the Lawrenceville area.  While the original store only sells cupcakes, the new bakeshop sells everything else…brownies, muffins, eclairs, pie, cinnamon rolls, you name it.  And every Sunday they have brunch featuring heartier fare.

BW went yesterday to check it out.  The new shop is just as cute and charming-looking as the cupcake place, only much bigger.  There’s seating for about 25 or 30 people, and it was jam-packed with hipsters and yuppies :P   (yipsters?) The brunch menu was small, consisting of things that you make in an oven (hey, it’s a bake shop).  There was baked french toast, quiche, strata, and homemade granola, along with the muffins and other pastries.  We both tried the Southwestern strata; yummy egg-soaked bread layered with black beans, chorizo, and cheese, baked until puffy and golden, and topped with salsa.  Mmmmmm!  It came with a side of homefries which were just kinda there.  I’m not big on homefries, anyway…I’m much more of a hashbrown girl myself.  There were espresso drinks on the menu and even iced coffee. Since we were there to try brunch, we didn’t sample any of the dessert-type things, just peered at them in their little case.  They all looked fabulous, and I’m sure they were.

I wish the place wasn’t so far away.  Lawrenceville is great, it’s just a pain in the ass to get to from my ‘hood, so I really can’t imagine I’ll get to visit the bakeshop that often.  Sad.  And I’m not sure the brunch was quite good enough to justify the PITA trip.  I knew I shoulda tried harder to find a house in Friendship.  :P

Otherwise, a blah weekend.  BW did homework and I took our ancient homemade coffee/storage table apart and stained it black.  Looks pretty nice, but it was bloody tedious work.

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