Looking Over a 4-Leaf Clover(field)

Saw Cloverfield on Friday night, and BW and I both really enjoyed it.

Did it live up to all the fanboy hype as the bestest geektastic sci-fi monster-stomp movie, like, EVER?? No. But then nothing ever does. It’s usually not the movie’s fault, it’s just that fanboys always get too excited about things and have insanely high expectations.

But it was a very fun movie. Matinee-price fun. If they’d shown us more of the monster, and more of the monster stomping on all and sundry, I’d say it was worth full-price. But they chose to keep it more Blair-Witchy and show less. Thing is, seeing less is cool for a creepy ghost story like Blair Witch, but if you’re a fan of Giant Monster Movies (as I most certainly am), the fun is in seeing some gigantic whatsit dishing out destruction, terror, and mayhem! (And cheering it on! Die, stupid humans, die!!)

And the humans in Cloverfield sure did deserve to die. The film follows a group of well-paid 20-something (who gets well-paid when they’re 20-something?!) hipsters. They are vapid. They are generic “cool”. The guys are stylishly scruffy and the girls all weigh 75 lbs. They’re like the cast of the OC. You deeply want to see these people get stomped. That said, they did not annoy me nearly as much as I thought they would. The movie is really short, so it’s not that much of a chore putting up with the characters for 80 minutes…especially when the payoff is a unique and different Giant Monster funfest.

In case you’ve been in a cave, what sets Cloverfield apart from its predecessors is that it is shot from the 1st person perspective in hand-held camera, as one of the hipsters films everything as he and his buds flee the monster. You’ll need to bring a hearty helping of suspension-of-disbelief, but it’s worth it. I really thought it was cool, exciting (not scary…Cloverfield is more “thrilling” than terrifying), and FUN to for once see a monster flick NOT from the omniscient perspective of The Military Guy or The Scientist or The Reporter…but from the point of view of The Guy on the Street Who Screams “GOJIRA!!!!!!!” And Runs Away…the people who live in those buildings that get stomped…it’s never been done before, and it kicked butt.

There really aren’t any other cinematic nuances to discuss here. If the above concept sounds appealing to you, you’ll enjoy Cloverfield. If not, it won’t. But who doesn’t like a good Giant Monster movie?

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  1. chel Says:

    I think the only way the movie will live up to my expectations is if Clovey comes into the theater. I still plan on seeing it, though, and I already hope for a sequel based on the Coney Island scene (and the theory something drops into the water). I realized that there was no possible way for them to live up to the hype about WHAT the monster is, so I tried not to be too disappointed about it when I read the descriptions.

    This is definitely a movie movie and not a DVD movie, for sure.

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