Yes SIR, boy!

Happy Loup Day!

For Loup’s birthday and because we’re still in the midst of Holy Week, I wanted to share something pretty cool that I found. I’ve been reading the Complete Peanuts Collection 1956-58 and while the whole thing is a glittering treasure trove of brilliance, several individual gems shone out. Because Peanuts has long ago passed from being a normal comic strip into part of the fabric of our culture, we often forget its more mundane beginnings. It used to be just another daily strip, a product of its time that reflected current issues of its day.

Which is a long preamble to say, “Check out this one from 1956.”


So to Loup from me and from our soul sistah Lucy VanP, Happy Birthday! May E bless.

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  1. LOUP Says:

    Oh that is priceless!!

    Thanks for the bday wishes .. feeling my age this time around and it ain’t pretty!!

    Sorry for the lack of attention / participation here but we are almost box free. = )

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