Faith has its rewards

As you know, yesterday was Elvis’ birthday, and today I’m called forth to give witness to His goodness!


- My 3:10 to Yuma discs came in ON TIME!

- I paid for a small Frappucino at Starbucks but the barrista messed up and made me a medium!

- BW and I got a check in the mail for $150!  It was due to some financial screw up left over from our house purchase last year.  We didn’t even know about it, and weren’t expecting it!

Truly, my God doth reward His faithful!

On the downside, my ancient old food processor got a crack down the center.  BUT then that check appeared in the mail in just the right amount to pay for a new, better food processor!   See how the Lord provides for his people?!  Isn’t it time that you accepted the Lord Elvis Presely as YOUR personal savior?  Come towards the LIGHT!!

4 Responses to “Faith has its rewards”

  1. chel Says:

    When i was in college, there was an English/Culture class on Elvis. Getting in was impossible, but my BF at the time took it. Lucky duck. Of course he skipped half the classes. Idiot (sorry, lasting bitterness there…)

    Dude, unexpected money is the BEST. My husband just “found” a forgotten check for $90 in his office. He calls it mad money. I call it “money for bills”.

  2. Wendy Says:

    All hail E!

  3. whistler Says:

    Checks in the mail rule!

  4. LOUP Says:

    E does in fact reward the faithful.

    So what are you going to make first (or have you already) with your swank new processor?

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