I Love the 80′s…Christmas!

Time for the annual wallow in crass consumerism! So, what’d ya get for Xmass???

My inner-child had a very happy Yule this year. BW decided to make it a 1980′s little geek girl themed holiday with my gifts. And for whatever reason, other people’s gifts also lined up with the theme.

The main gift BW got for me was….are you ready? Check this out….


If you don’t know what a Colecovision is, either you are young and insignificant or, if you’re my age, you must have been a sad Atari2600-buying sheep. HA! Here, school yourself with this article. Coleco was the BEST…BEST, hands-down, home videogame console of the 80′s. Atari? Do not even joke with me! Activision? *snork!* Intellivsion? I scoff at thee! In today’s gamer lingo, Colecovision PWNED them all!

I first got a Colecovision for Christmas of 1983 (I think, or ’82) and I always maintained that it was THE best present EVER! (Thanks mom and dad!) I can still recall the glee I felt when I tore the paper and saw that colorful logo….ahhhh. Now it was THE best present AGAIN! BW couldn’t get an original box, but I still couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that colorful logo peeping out at me again! The set he picked up on eBay also came with a good selection of games…including Qbert, which was always one of my favorites. We just need three or four more games to totally replicate my 1980′s collection. Let the fun begin!

Awwwwyeaah…[WillSmith] Now THAT’s what I’m TALKIN’ about! [/WillSmith] Are you little Atari-owning dweebs crying right now? Yeah, I know you are, suckas! HAHAHAHAAA!

BW also got me a Bag of Holding from Think Geek! Oh so awesome. If you aren’t a gamer, I guess you wouldn’t get the joke. You see, in D&D a bag of holding is a magic bag that can, like, hold all kinds of stuff and…oh screw it…either you get the joke or you don’t. Then to complete the ensemble, he gave me a lovely chainmail bracelet!

To round out the 80′s ness, I also got:

  • From my sister-in-law, a cd of rare 80′s remixed tunes
  • From my mom, Season 3 of DALLAS!
  • The 1957-58 boxed set of Peanuts strips. Not from the 80′s, but I personally spent most of the 70′s and 80′s committing old Peanuts strips to memory, so it still fits.

I’m gonna be starting off the new year by celebrating the old…How about you? What’d you guys get?

3 Responses to “I Love the 80′s…Christmas!”

  1. Janet Says:

    I never heard of a coleco system–I had an atari and I did love that thing.

    Sounds like you had an awesome Christmas. Me, I’m still drooling over the RoS dvds that some really amazing terrific friends gave me.

  2. whistler Says:

    I got a book!

  3. whistler Says:

    Really, that’s almost basically what I got.. It was my best and favorite gift. (No kissing up implied)

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