Face to face with greatness

It’s been a busy vacation for me and BW. I think the highlight was our quick trip to DC to see the Edward Hopper exhibition at the Nat’l Gallery.

I love Edward Hopper. I LOOOVE Edward Hopper. So the show was a thrill for me. I rarely go to art exhibits, so I tend to forget how much better paintings look “live.” Especially Hopper’s paintings…they’re so vivid, they almost have a physical impact when you see them in person. The colors are so saturated, and you can put your nose right up to it and see the brush strokes, and marvel that a color that reproduces as ‘brown’ on a print is actually made up of layers of strokes of half-dozen different colors, adding up to a greater whole. Standing in a room with Edward Hopper’s paintings is humbling. Also, it’s a little sad to return home to my cheap reproduction prints after seeing how the real thing looks. But I got to see a whole bunch of works of his that I’d never seen before, have a quasi-religious experience just staring at them, and feel deeply, massively unworthy….so it was all fun.

So Hopper was the second day of our trip. On the first day (half-day, really), we just did the Georgetown shopping thing. Saw more of Georgetown than I did last time I was there (I didn’t know there was a Dean&Deluca in Georgetown! OMG..that place is like a temple!!) AND, oh joy of joys, get this…

The LUSH store was having a post-holiday clearance sale!! I had NO idea! They really ought to advertise that better or I’d have made the trip for that alone. All jarred and bottled products were buy one get one free if made before December! And all the soaps, bath bombs, and bubble baths were buy one get two free!!! Sweet lord Elvis on toast, I couldn’t believe it. We scored like $150 worth of product for $70…and since Lush products are so awesome, a little goes a long way…this trip will last me until summer at least. Happy happy, joy joy. Now I have to go back to DC every winter.

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