You know I have a sick fascination with Peeps, and am usually enthused about all the new Peeps permutations that come down the Peep pike.  That’s why I was pretty excited to see new Peppermint Peeps…they’re star-shaped with red sprinkles and in a red wrapper for Xmess.

I’m really not the biggest fan of peppermint; I only like it when it’s cut with something creamy or vanilla-y or smooth to take the edge off of the strong mint.  So I thought that the Peeps seemed like a perfect match!  I imagined the marshmallowy goodness would soften the peppermint and it will all meld into tasty goodness.  I imagined how good one of the peppermint Peeps would be floating in a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

Well I imagined wrong!  Ugh!  One bite put me off the dream of perfectly peppermint Peeps forever. The mint flavor was SO strong, it was like taking a big swig of Listerine!  And it had an odd articifical, almost metallic tang to it.  After another bite, the sugar from the marshmallow kicked in and it tasted better, but by then it was too late.

So unless you like your peppermint medicinal-grade, stay away from Peppermint Peeps.

New “limited edition” Peppermint Crunch Junior Mints, on the other hand…now those are crack in a box!   Stock up while supplies last.

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