Drive-By Hotting

Maybe call this the “Where did you come from?” edition.

Actor Josh Brolin (yes, son of James Brolin) is 39 years old but has been flying completely under the radar, not having any real success or appearing in anything noteworthy until this year. THIS year, he hit the jackpot. He had a strong supporting role in American Gangster, playing against the alpha dogs Denzel and Russell. AND he snagged the lead part in No Country for Old Men! (Have you seen No Country for Old Men yet?? And why not??? Yes, I need to review it but just trust me, GO!)

2 Responses to “Drive-By Hotting”

  1. whistler Says:

    Holy square jaw batman!

  2. LOUP Says:

    I was thinking the same thing … I IMDB’d him shortly after we saw No Country and seriously he is rugged hot — where has he been all of this time!!

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