The Sexiest Birthday Man Alive!

That’s right, I’m talking about Sean Bean!

This man is so amazing, yet he never gets any credit. He never makes the People Magazine ’50 Most Beautiful’ or ‘Sexiest Men Alive’ list. It’s a crime against taste! His portrayal of Boromir in the LOTR movies was the best thing about them. Most of the other actors were using such a mannered, Shakespearean style that their characters didn’t seem like real people. But Sean’s Boromir was alive and vital and real. Who can watch his death scene in FOTR with a dry eye? Yet all you hear about is Viggo Mortensen and *ptooey!* Orlando Bloom.

At least Sean is acknowledged as a sex symbol in his native England; yet one more reason to move there. Sean was born in Sheffield, which is in Yorkshire, and accounts for his lovable rough-and-tumble Northern accent, and his love for the Sheffield Blades football team.

Sean’s next big project is Troy, where he’ll play Odysseus. (If you have a copy of Cream’s “Tales of Brave Ulysses”, you may play it now.) He’ll be way sexier than either of his co-stars Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom, but I imagine he won’t get any credit this time, either. Screw ‘dat!

If you want to see more of Sean (and who doesn’t), there’s a few more pics in my Hotties folder, or you can visit The Compleat Sean Bean, an excellent fan site. I also highly recommend joining Netflix and renting The Richard Sharpe films. They’re BBC-made adaptations of Bernard Cornwell’s books about the Napoleonic Wars. They’re good cheesy fun for the history buff or anyone who needs an eyeful of Sean.

Happy Birthday, Sean, and GO BLADES!

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