Another Weekend, Another Wedding

On Saturday, we had to trek up to Erie, PA for the wedding of our eldest nephew to his girlfriend of many years. In case you’re wondering how BW has a nephew of marriagable age, it’s because BW’s oldest sister Sandra is 12 years older than BW, and it’s her son. Complicated family dynamics. Anyway here’s a pic of BW and sis:

And here’s a pic of Nephew, new Wife, and BW’s parents:

The wedding was pretty nice. Actually, it reminded me a lot of my own wedding: it was low-budget, had a lot of DIY aspects, and the bride was very into having everything be “woodsy” and Fallish. So there were mums, and the tables were decorated with grapevine wreaths and strewn with acorns, nuts, twigs, and cinnamon sticks. The hall wasn’t fancy, but it had a coziness. Can’t argue with any of that… though I have to say….food at me & BW’s wedding was better. ;)

So we had a chance to catch up with some relatives we hadn’t seen in ages, and munch on delicious cookies (I think I ate like 2 dozen cookies!) Nephew and Bride will be moving soon to the greater PGH-ish area, so hopefully we can see more of them, show them what sights there are to see, yadda yadda.

If you care to look at more pics, click here.

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