I Love the 80′s Drive-By Hotting

You people know that I love, love, LOVE my DALLAS. Well, here’s some hotness from the Southfork Ranch…my favorite (after ol’ JR) character…Ray Krebbs as played by Mr. Steve Kanaly!

Y’all remember Ray, don’tcha? He was the ranch foreman at Southfork, and no matter whether he was roundin’ up the steers, pitchin’ forkfuls of hay, gettin’ married to sexy politician Donna Culver, findin’ out that he was Jock Ewing’s illegitimate son, cussin’ out JR, or pullin’ the life-support plug from his comatose cousin Mickey Trotter (no, really!!), good old Ray Krebbs was always the only hot man on DALLAS! (There are those who fancy Patrick Duffy, but…umm…No.)

I dug Ray because after all those business-suited oil barons on the show, he in his jeans and plaid was such a breath of normalcy. And his prematurely silver hair and steely blue eyes were the hotness. Steve Kanaly could really work that lean, lanky, troubled cowpoke thing…very much an Ennis del Mar quality. So 10-gallon hats off to Steve and Ray…DALLAS 80′s eye-candy!

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  1. Kristy Says:

    He sorta looks like Chevy Chase in that bottom photo.

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