Weekend Finds

A pretty uneventful weekend. We were supposed to go to the movies, but went to a book sale instead. A really BIG booksale at the Mt. Lebanon Public Library…it was huge! I found out about it thanks to Kirk telling me about booksalefinder. com.

Anyway, made some good finds there. We bought–

  • Wine For Dummies – BW wanted it
  • Broca’s Brain by Carl Sagan – again for BW
  • Elizabeth & Mary – more history for me
  • Tower of Beowulf by Parke Godwin – more novelized Medieval historical-myth retelling for me
  • Sex With Kings – smutty history gossip
  • Close Range by Annie Proulx
  • Fodors 2005 guide to Great Britain – all of our GB travel guides are from like 1998
  • A book of new Cthulu stories by newer authors
  • not to mention we picked up Yule gifts for several people!

But the real treasure of the day was this:
The MGM Story.

Just like the cover says, this tome of wonders has a short write-up about every single movie ever made by MGM from 1924 – 1978 !!!

Fascinating, fascinating. To see not just the “classics” that still exist on DVD and in people’s memories, but to read about allllll the movies I never heard of before. The average, quickly churned-out “popcorn” movies that fade away a week after they left the theaters…The Good Luck Chucks of the 1930s. Some of them do sound pretty bad, but I’m sure they’re all still more watchable than their modern equivalents.

Anyway, I got this huge book for a mere $1.50! The cover is a little dinged, but I would have paid ten times that just to get my hands on some of the full-page photos I found inside. Behold!


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  1. Kirkkitsch Says:

    Aw, I LOVE The MGM Story book! Isn’t it great?!! SUCH dynamite photos! I’m so glad you found some goodies! I’m going to another book sale on Friday. Wish me luck! :D

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