I Love the 80′s Drive-By Hotting

The comfort and the joy
of feeling lost
With the only living boy in New Cross
- CarterUSM

Don’t really know if this picture is from the 80′s but I think it is…the very late 80′s or maybe up to 1992. Either way, it’s Back In Tha Day(tm).

Gary. Perfect British guttersnipe hard-living artist genius Gary. *sigh* I OWE everything I know about movies to this man; he showed me that movies can contain art. Before Gary, I was just another multiplex dwelling ignoramus out to see the next action flick. He set me upon the path to Righteousness.

I don’t know WHY he isn’t held up there with Pacino and DeNiro (because his talent is 5 times theirs, combined)…why he hasn’t been offered their sort of prestige parts…why he doesn’t have a bookcase of Oscars…why his name isn’t spoken in awed, hushed reverence.

Ok, this isn’t supposed to be a serious tirade, it’s supposed to be shallow celeb-crushing for a Friday. So right, the OTHER big thing Gary taught me is that Genius Is Sexy. For all the chiseled hotties I display on this blog, I’d throw them ALL over for Gary Oldman, still.

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