Happy Ed Day

Another year, another opportunity to celebrate the life and works of Edward D. Wood, Jr. What will it be this year? The Bride of the Monster? The Violent Years? A multi-film retrospective? No matter what you choose to do, the important thing is that you believe that it’s good. Therein lies the magic of Eddie.

2 Responses to “Happy Ed Day”

  1. haley Says:

    Happy BD Mr. Wood!!!!!

  2. Gutterboy Says:

    Have you read the Wood biography NIGHTMARE OF ECSTASY, by Rudolph Grey? It’s choppy but a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll crack a chapter tonight in his honor. Or the even more obscure HOLLYWOOD RAT RACE, a cheapie paperback Hollywood “tell-all” written by Eddie at his booziest.

    Instead of screening one of his greatest hits, how about a viewing of PRETTY MODELS ALL IN A ROW – a softcore porn not directed by Wood, but actually starring him as a photographer who screws his models. He drinks cheap Scotch throughout and by the end gets ‘forced’ into women’s clothes by a trio of mean ‘models’ (who look like Sunset Strip hippie chicks that probably showed up to make a quick $20).

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