The Grinch Who Stole Autumn

Ok, I said I’d give it a week, now it’s time to get pissy.

Autumn is my favorite season, and it’s a fleeting one.  Here in Shittsburgh, it lasts maybe three weeks even in the best of years.  THIS year, half the month of October is going to be gone and it is STILL 85, wall-to-wall sun, and assy humid!! By the time this weather breaks it will have gone straight to winter, and my Fall will have been stolen from me.

And every day, the Weather Channel pushes the date the weather is supposed to break and turn normal BACK a day.

So here I am like little CindyLou Who.  And I’m looking up through my tear-stained lashes with my big blue eyes, and I want to know why.  “Why? Why are you taking my season away?  Why are you stomping all over my favorite holiday? Why are you crushing my spirit? Why?”

But MY smiling foe is Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel, and instead of having a change of heart and setting all to rights, he just spits in my face and mocks me.

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  1. kta Says:

    lol That is too funny! Not that you’re missing out on your fall weather but the pics! lol

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