Happy Days are here Again

Look at this picture, from one of my 50′s cookbooks:

Isn’t that beautiful?  Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and happy?  Doesn’t it speak of all things that are Good and Righteous and Pure?  Ahhhh…..October is here.  Down with the tyranny and rottenness of summer!

Though right now the weather isn’t agreeing with the calendar (in PGH?!? NOOooooo!! *snork*)  It’s still 80 and wall-to-wall sun daily. Blargh.  It should never, ever be above 65 in October, those are my rules of the universe.  (FYI, the high temp in Aberdeen today is 58.  Scotland is nirvana.)  But I’ll give it one more week before I start to get really pissy. :)

BW and I spent the better part of the weekend Halloween decorating, but first we paid a trip to the Trax Farms fall festival with our pal Janet.  It’s becoming a yearly thing…the selection of pumpkins, mums, gourds, and all the must-haves is unbeatable.  And they have an outdoor fair with caramel apples, funnel cakes, cider, and all sorts of goodness.  Check it out if you live in Allegheny County.  Anyway, now the house is decorated to within an inch of it’s life.  Happy, happy, happy.

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