Support Our Cutie-Pie

Hey all, remember when I mentioned that Donal Logue had been Jimmy the Cabdriver in those skits on MTV back in the day?

Well, it turns out that Donal is temporarily resurrecting the character of Jimmy. On April 19, “Jimmy McBride” will be running the Boston Marathon as a fund-raising stunt for an organization called Peace Games that tries to stop school violence.

You can read all about it at and you can make a donation there, too. I’m not usually in favor of supporting child-related charities, but even a heartless bitch like myself can agree that violence in school is not a good thing. (Unless it’s directed against jocks, then that’s alright.) And besides, it’s for Donal, so go help my boy out, would ya? If you make a donation, you get a nice automatically-generated email from Donal that you can impress your friends with! *heh* And if you’re sitting there wondering “How can that pudgy dude run a marathon?”, here’s a nice interview with Donal where he explains it all for you.

Open them wallets!

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