Friday Fun

This isn’t really a “stupid quiz”, it’s a legitimate quiz marketed towards career and guidance counselors to help students and whomever decide on a career path.

Go to:

Login with Username =nycareers
Password= landmark

Then click on Career Matchmaker and answer the questions.

My results:

1. Artist
2. Cartoonist/Comic Illustrator
3. Illustrator
4. Website Designer
5. Pet Groomer
6. Animator
7. Archivist
8. Makeup Artist
9. Zoologist
10. Graphic Designer

Those are my top 10. The rest continue in the same vein…Set Decorator, Special Effects Technician, and so forth. I notice no where does it say, “Librarian in Charge of Gruntwork, Tech Support for Retards, and Babysitting a Man-child Executive.” (Thanks for that one, Loup!!)

I gotta sort of question the pracicality of this a little…the lack of realism. “Artist” is NOT a career. You don’t/can’t just go out and be an “Artist” just because you are interested in being one. Or an illustrator. There should have been a question, “Do you have any discernible talent?” :) Even if you do, it’s not like you can just mosey on down to the Art Factory because you heard they were hiring. Sheesh.

The results further down the list are more like real jobs. Website designer: hey, I do that for free! You people looking at this blog right now….send me a royalty check! Archivist: I actually WAS an Archivist once. Loved that job, loved playing with old stuff all day. Unfortunately, had to leave because the U of Pittsburgh treated my position and the collection I was in charge of like yesterday’s rubbish. :( Would love to have another Archive job, but they are few and far between.

Graphic Designer: Is what I should have gone to school for but I was a moron and went to Pitt.

Pet Groomer: I’d like that if I could just handle animals, and not have to deal with their stupid, clueless, and evil owners.

Makeup Artist: Hmm, well, I AM always threatening to quit my job and go work at the MAC cosmetics counter. I think that would be SO fun! Wonder if they’d have me…

Anyway, I’d love to hear everybody else’s results. Go do it!

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