Home, Dream Home 7

Since I’ve been pondering Scotland, I give you…


This house is in the coastal town of Banff, 50 miles north of Aberdeen on the A97 highway. Here’s a picture of Banff…

OMG, perfection! The town claims to have one coffee shop and one Indian restaurant, so my needs in life are set.

So back to the house. It doesn’t have land, but it has a big yard, a rock garden, and a large garage/workshop for BW. And look at that patio view! (2nd page of photos) I LOVE the old tile floor in the kitchen, and the beamed ceiling in the living room! The bedrooms would be cute once purged of all the KinderKrap. Yes, some of the Kountry wallpaper choices are dodgy, but hey, that’s why gawd gave us paint.

The real kicker is the MiniCooper and the black VW Golf parked in the drive….it’s a dream house with my dream cars! It’s as if I already live there. :)

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