Free At Last!

I canNOT believe it. After 72 months…72 stamps…72 checks in the mail…..seventy-freaking-two…


*does the Snoopy dance of joy*

I don’t think the reality of it has quite sunk in yet; it’s hard to imagine No More Car Payments. Not for a long time, anyway, I hope. Wow.

And what I love even more than the thought of having a couple hundred extra dollars a month is how very very UNAMERICAN we’re being. Check it:

  1. We own only ONE car.
  2. That is 100% PAID OFF!
  3. Which we only drive maybe twice per week at most.
  4. And we have ZERO plans to get a new car just because ours happens to be five years old and paid off!!

SUCK IT, capitalist overlords!

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  1. hapnor Says:

    Sweet, sounds like you need new car with 72 more payments!! j/k.. we did the 0% 36 months thing…

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