Oh, What a Circus

Wow, ten years. I remember that I was staying at my parents’ house for some reason that weekend. Sunday morning I came downstairs, my dad was watching the news as usual. I stuck my head into the living room and he said, “the princess is dead.” I said, “What princess?” “Princess Diana,” he replied. First I thought he was joking, because my dad has a kinda weird sense of humor. But as I plunked down in a chair and watched the telly, I saw it was true.

I wasn’t sad. I never had any use for Diana. I was just more amazed that such a young, famous person could die in such a mundane way. I guess we expect fabulous deaths for people with fabulous lives. What I didn’t quite expect was the public reaction. I still don’t get it. All the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments and still today you have freaks with Angel Diana shrines and all manner of weirdness…all for a fairly dense codependent blonde girl who shopped a lot. To me, Di’s only redeeming quality was that she was a fellow Duranie.

Anyway, I’d seen Evita (the Madonna version) the winter before, and as I watched Di’s funeral footage, I was floored by how almost identical it was to Evita’s. And the song “Oh What a Circus” was SO appropriate. It was then, it still is now. So here’s my 10 year Diana tribute:

In the manner of “sir” Elton John, I’ve taken Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Oh What a Circus” and changed a few words to make it even more fitting for Di.

Oh what a circus!
Oh what a show!
All of England has gone to town
Over the death of a clotheshorse called Princess Diane.
We’ve all gone crazy,
mourning all day and mourning all night,
falling over ourselves to get all
of the misery right.

It’s quite an exit
That’s how to go!
When they’re ringing your curtain down,
demand to be buried like Princess Diane.
It’s quite a sunset,
good for the country, in a roundabout way.
We’ve made the front page of all
the world’s papers today!

But who is this Princess Diana?
Why all this howling, hysterical sorrow?
What kind of goddess has lived among us?
How will we ever get by without her?

She had her moments,
she had some style.
The best show in town was the scene
when Princess Diana met Duran Duran.

But that’s all gone now.
As soon as the smoke from the funeral clears,
we’re all gonna see (and how!)
she did nothing for years!

You let down your people, Diana.
You were supposed to have been immortal.
That’s all they wanted,
not much to ask for.
But in the end you
could not deliver.

Here’s the real version of “Oh What a Circus.”

And here’s footage of the real Evita Peron’s real funeral. Eerie, isn’t it?

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  1. Kristy Says:

    I remember it vividly; we’d been out at a beer festival. We came home all happy (we weren’t driving), turned on the TV, and ALL the news was the accident. Talk about harshing my buzz.

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