My Baby Takes the Morning Train


I’m so excited! I’d thought that 3:10 to Yuma wasn’t due out until October, but now the official site is saying September 7! Kick ass!

I was gonna go see Shoot em’ Up starring Clive that weekend, but Clivester will just have to wait. Badass charismatic Russell slinging a six-shooter and wearing a duster in a real Quality Movie with actors and drama and stuff trumps The Clivester in a campy, silly action-fest, no contest.
I am pathologically excited for this flick. The word “tizzy” comes to mind. Guess that’s what happens when you suffer through extreme Good Movie Deprivation Syndrome like I have been since spring.

To try to get you all as psyched as I am, here, have a wallpaper that I made by stealing images from the official site. Beefy!!

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