But You Can’t Ignore my Techno

I don’t talk about music often, but I felt I just had to share a recommendation for this “new” techno “band” I’ve recently discovered. It’s called Fad Gadget, and the quotes back there are because it’s not really a band, just one mad genius named Frank Tovey, and it’s not new. Gadget was from the early 80′s, but was just so obscure it took me until now to learn of its existence.

I heard one of their songs on my DMX music channels on TV one night, and loved it. Turns out they were even more obscure than I thought; very little to download, stuff on eBay was all 12 in. singles from England, etc. I finally found a greatest “hits” disc to buy.

This stuff is great! I would describe it as a cross between Gary Numan and Art of Noise. Deep, soaring walls of synth, some catchy beats, but with weird artsy stuff thrown in to give it an edge. It doesn’t hurt that Frank Tovey could make his singing sound rather like Peter Murphy’s when he wanted to. Like Gary Numan, Gadget’s moody lyrics convey that whole disconnected/alienated ‘I’m a geek whose only friends are my Casios’ sense of isolation that I find awfully appealing.

In short, it’s very 80′s, and if you like 80′s techno, you will love Fad Gadget. Let’s face it, the 80′s were really the first and last time that techno music was any good. Techno music SHOULD sound like it is made by losers who live in their parents’ basement with banks of Casio keyboards for company! Much better than what passes for techno today: some party boy hopped up on Ectasy running the SAME DAMN drum loop over and over for 4 HOURS while periodically tossing in a sample of some ancient blues singer who is long-dead and therefore can’t object. Trained monkeys could create that crap!

But enough about that. Fad Gadget. Give em a listen.

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