You may already be a winner

There I was last week, IM-ing with Loupy about our Lord E, and the next thing you know, I was over at (that site is like CRACK to me, btw!) making up these bumper stickers to profess our faith:

You get a much better price if you order 5, so I did. That’s two for me, one for Loup (it’ll be in the mail soon, girl), and two that I’ve decided to GIVE AWAY to lucky readers of this blog! Because WWED? Elvis would give stuff away! He loved to give stuff away! Like that Cadillac? Here, have five of ‘em!

So in the spirit of E, here’s a little contest: All you have to do is email me by Monday and say in 100 words or less “What Elvis means to me.” I will pick two winners from the entries. Good luck and may E bless!

One Response to “You may already be a winner”

  1. LOUP Says:

    I smile every time I see it … me loves some Elvis.

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