Drive-By Hotting: Holy Edition

Hear the sizzling on down through the years…

Cast your imagination back..back..
It’s 1956. The family is gathered in the living room for Uncle Miltie. You’re in the kitchen, perhaps fixing some popcorn (on the stove, no microwave), or a plate of cookies and milk (because in the 50′s people can have as many cookies as they want.) All of a sudden, you hear this screaming, then your mom or grandma says, “What is that boy doing?!?” Poking your head around the corner, you look at the tube. What IS that boy doing? Nobody knows, but it is one of the most magnetic and electric sights ever unleashed upon mankind. In the blink of an eye, the world is changed forever, and much for the Hotter.

Twelve years later. The boy is now a man, and he’s been through a lot of things. The death of his beloved mother, the Army, pills, weird relationships, and being chewed up and spat out by the Hollywood grist mill. It’s made him a little bitter, honed a lean, mean edge. This translates on the tv screen as 100% PURE HOTNESS. We haven’t seen in really rock out in a long time, but in the black suit and with the love of an audience around him, we see the rocker boy return in the body of the man. One and the same, it’s another Elvis Transubstantiation miracle!

2 Responses to “Drive-By Hotting: Holy Edition”

  1. LOUP Says:

    Lawdy Lawdy but that man is a Hunka Hunka Burning Love.
    = )

  2. whistler Says:

    Just remember..

    Michael J. Fox has no Elvis in him.

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