Marshall the Forces

…call General Eisenhower, and pull on your boots because there’s one day till D-Day!

D as in Donna. :) Yup, Tim The Enchanter’s wedding day is almost upon us. Tonight we have rehearsal and party…at a restaurant I’ve wanted to try, so that’s cool. Then tomorrow is it. The almighty Lord E has taken mercy on us because although it’s still supposed to be pretty hot, they say the humidity will be down. THANK YOU Lord! Now I don’t have to worry as much about passing out mid-ceremony. Otherwise, my dress is a dark color and hopefully it won’t show the sweat marks too much. Heh.

But enough grousing. Time for sappiness and happiness! Let’s raise a virtual toast to Tim the Enchanter!

I can’t believe it sometimes, but I have know this guy for 17 years! *boggles* In that time, we have rolled a lot of d20s, consumed far too much dip, helped keep Sree in business, mourned two Dubya elections, helped each other move umpteen times, drank some gin, and laughed our collective heads off.
I know you have too much to do to be reading this, Tim, but I wish you much joy. I haven’t always kept in touch as much as I should, but I want you to know you’ve been an important person in my life. *sniffle* I love you, man! And I am so, so very happy that you will be marrying that rarest of things — a sane woman. :)

To Donna The Nicknameless…I know you’re too busy to read this too, but it needs to be said: You’re getting a great guy. Take good care of him or you’ll have to answer to me, and as Tim can tell you, I know how to use a longsword. ;) Anyway, in all seriousness I’m seeing this not as losing a gaming geek, but as gaining a new friend! Looking forward to getting to know you better.

A long and happy life to you two! *clink!* See you tonight!

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  1. whistler Says:

    Here here!

    Tim, in the times that we have met and hearing stories about you over the years. I know for sure that you are an upright citizen.

    Best wishes to you in your upcoming days. May you find the patience to learn and the desire to grow.

    Your buddy, Whistler.

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