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So, I’ve been sitting around for the past two weeks, feeling like an extra in Apocalypse Now thanks to our Pittsburgh weather. Seriously, it feels like the inside of someone’s ASS out there. Can’t go out, can’t walk to shops, can’t get any exercise outdoors because I’d die. So what else is there to do but tinker around on the Interweb?

I found a plug-in for Firefox that discreetly displays the current weather forecast for any city of my choosing whenever the browser window is open. Because I enjoy torturing myself, I picked Aberdeen. Did you know that the high temp in ABD last week was 70? And it hasn’t even been raining! All last week it was 65 and sunny! Today’s forecast calls for partly cloudy and 60. Can you imagine?! I can’t remember what that feels like.

With this inspiration in mind, I bring you Dream Home #5. “charming, three bedroomed, detached cottage which enjoys an idyllic, rural location within easy commuting distance of the city of Aberdeen.”
Needs to have carpet removed, but the bathroom is sweet, and the rest of it is just perfect. It even has a smithy on the property! We could make armor! :)

Though granted, after this month, I’d live inside a dumpster out in back of the Aberdeen Safeway. The air would be fresher than in PGH.

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