Weekend Wind-down

Now that those birthdays are past, here’s a quick recap of current events.

On Saturday, BW went out to a bachelor party/night out for our pal Tim the Enchanter. I went for a fabulous sushi dinner at Chaya with Cheri, then we returned home to subject ourselves to bad medieval movies with hot guys.  Movies whose existence I don’t even like to acknowledge.  That I have refused to watch.  And with bloody good reason!

First Pathfinder.

OMG.   So…I mean…I just can’t…it’s…aaaauuuuuuuuuugh!  So. So. Very. Bad.  If there isn’t such a thing as a Norsemen’s Anti-Defamation League, somebody in Oslso ought to hurry up and form one so they can sue the HELL of whoever was responsible for that celluloid abomination!  And then the People Against Pissing All Over History can also join in the suit and get a cut.

And while they’re at it, the PAPAOH can file a retroactive suit against A Knight’s Tale, the second movie we watched.  Ouch.  Bad.  Deeply offensive to medieval history.  But at least had entertainment value.  I dunno, I could see how it could be a guilty pleasure for someone.  But maybe I’m being unjustly kind to it because we watched it after Pathfinder, so anything will look much better by comparison.  And Heath Ledger is awfully hot in it.

But enough about my psychic pain.

Anyway, Tim the Enchanter will be getting married to the lovely Donna The Nicknameless this Saturday!! I’m so excited!   It’s very odd — on one hand it seems like the wedding planning and lead-in has been going on forever — on the other, I can’t believe the date is here already.  At any rate, it’s sure to be the social event of the season.  (Alright, it’s the only social event in MY season.)

Please just pray for Tim, Donna, and all of us that the weather here in north-western Cambodia will break, or else we are all gonna die.  It’s so HUMID outside that I honestly can barely draw breath if I venture outdoors.  And highs in the 90′s.  It’s been this way for two weeks now.  And I have a floor-length satin dress to wear, and BW has a tux -with a vest-.  Please, just pray.

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  1. whistler Says:

    *insert MC Hammer song here*

    “We’ve got to PRAY, just to make it today”

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