Everyone’s Girlfriend

Kicking off a few straight days of awesome August birthdays today with Ms. Myrna Loy!

Myrna. Wow. Who doesn’t love her? She was perfect! No, not a stunning beauty or dead sexy like other actresses of the time. But quite simply adorable! Not for her the diva roles like Crawford or Davis. She played normal people. Not an intellectual proto-feminist like Hepburn. Nope, she was the screen’s greatest wife. You’d think all this normalcy would make Myrna boring, but no way….

It made her accessible, attainable! Any man in his right mind would love to have her for his sweetheart. All women would like to have her as their girlfriend. Here was a chick that you could see yourself going to lunch, cocktails, shopping with. She could be your sister. Hell, she could almost be YOU. A perfected, better dressed version of you, but not totally out of reach.

And that was her power. That’s why she was named the “queen of the movies” in the late 30′s whilst Hepburn and Crawford were being branded “box office poison.” Everyone loved her. Not that I don’t love me some Joan and Kate, but would you really want to BE one of their characters? Nah…too much drama for me. But Nora Charles? HELL yes. Myrna’s character in Wife vs. Secretary? Yes, please!

Speaking of Nora Charles, Myrna’s on-screen other-half William Powell’s birthday was on Sunday and I missed it because of the kitchen craziness. But always, much love and idolization out to William. If you look up the word “urbane” in a dictionary, William Powell’s picture should be next to it. He was the complete match in lovableness to Myrna. Together…they are perfection.

For a nice bio on Myrna, visit this page…where I stole these pics from! Thank you!

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