How Cool Can Hotness Be?

Today is no mere Hollywood Birthday drive-by Hotting. No.

Today is more like I drive by your house and fling a bloody Molotov cocktail of Hotness through your picture window, then circle around the block to finish off the job with a few incendiary grenades and a blowtorch.

Because today’s birthday belongs to The Man, The Myth, The MITCH.

How to even sing the praises of The Mitch? I know not. The words, they fail me. Here’s a man with talent and screen presence to spare, yet who didn’t give a rat’s ass about the Hollywood Game or his “career.” He coasted on his good looks sometimes BUT ALSO sought out the weird/challenging roles that scared away other leading men. And in them all, he’s a joy to watch. Brando (bless him) didn’t invent sullen movie rebel coolness paired with searing hotness….nah…Mitch did that years before Marlon graced the silver screen. There is no other.
Look ye, Rejoice, and Be Glad. And wear insulated undies.

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  1. whistler Says:

    I prefer not to wear insulated undies. They ride up too much.

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