Hot Russell is Back!

We interrupt our usual Friday trip to the 80′s to bring you this shocking news: there are movies to look forward to in 2007!! Amazing, I know.

Trailers have recently surfaced for two Russell Crowe flicks dues out this fall: American Gangster and 3:10 to Yuma. I really think Russ is a great actor, though he is an assmunch in real life. Did anyone see him in The Insider?? Genius! Why he got an Oscar for Gladiator instead of Insider I’ll never understand. Anyway, he is a rare commodity…a star who can both open a movie with his star power AND who has tons of talent. And sometimes, sometimes he’s even really hot. As in Gladiator (Though the more times I see that movie, the less I like it. But Russ is sexy in it.). Or in The Quick and the Dead.

But Hot Russell has been in remission lately as he has been on a crappy movie spree, with that sentimental tripe Ron Howard boxing movie (He was excellent in that too, but the movie was lame.), and that sentimental tripe movie about inheriting a French vineyard. :P I’m sure Russell can act sentiment very well, but sentiment ain’t sexy.

*trailer announcer-man voice* BUT NOW…

Check these trailers! Hot Russell is back!! Being a sexy mo-fo AND doing superb acting at the same time! Nothing is hotter than that! :) And being teamed up in both movies with other great actors will surely make Russell bring his ‘A game’.

3:10 to Yuma co-stars Christian Bale. Watch the trailer here. I’ve never seen the original, but I plan to soon. The new one has a pretty solid director, so I have no worries. Russell is the bad guy here, so that gives him extra hotness points. And he wears western wear well. It all makes for one sexy trailer! I’m impressed.
American Gangster pits cop Russell against mob kingpin Denzel Washington. Dang, people, we’re in for some ACTING. Heh. You can watch that trailer here.

Dammit, when is fall going to get here?!? I need a life-saving infusion of Movies That Don’t Suck.

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