Home, Dream Home 6

Traveling back to the US now, in one of the few states I would deign to live in in this overflowing clogged toilet we call a country.


I took a quiz once that claimed to be able to advise you on the best area for you to live based upon your preferences of weather, amenities, tolerance for other human beings, etc. I came out with Maine WAY ahead. Not surprising, really. It IS the least-populated state east of the Mississippi. And a hop-skip-jump to Nova Scotia. Oh and CHEAP! And “for the chilllldrunnnn” programs are a low priority in Maine.

So I did some realty searches. I didn’t bother looking around in areas where there’s employment…feh…it’s a dream home, we don’t need no steenkin’ jobs. Instead I looked up by Caribou and Presque Isle…you have probably heard those names on the Weather Channel in the winter. Caribou seems to have the lowest low temps in the US at any given time. “…high pressure is spreading across the midwest, making for a nice middle part of the week. Meanwhile, in Caribou, Maine it’s 20 degrees below zero but the windchill makes it feel like -65!” Gotta love it!

Anyway here’s the house, in lovely downtown Presque Isle, Maine.

LOL! Only in Maine can you get a 10-room dream home for under $240k. E bless that place!!

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