Home, Dream Home 4

Time for a change of scenery. Let’s scoot over the Atlantic from Scotland to beautiful Toronto, Canada!

There was actually a specific apartment/condo building I was looking for, that I always say I want to live in. It’s on Front St., across from Starbucks one block from St. Lawrence Market, and there is a fabulous Dominion grocery store on the first level of the building. I couldn’t find anything in there at the moment, but I did MUCH better……

Check THIS out!!

Basically the same location, but….TWO-story so it doesn’t feel like an ‘apartment’ so much, HW floors, old building with character instead of a beige cookie-cutter highrise. And then I started looking closer…looked up the street address….and I about fell over…

This condo is located IN the Flatiron Building!!! The Flatiron is one of the most historic, most beautiful, and most photographed buildings in TO! It’s a freakin landmark! I didn’t know there were condos in it, holy crap! Here’s a photo of the outside of the building:

Are you impressed yet?

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