Suck it up, Brad Pitt

Today is Errol Flynn’s birthday, which kicks off a double-header of Hotness that will continue with tomorrow’s featured bday star!

Errol is not one of my favorite old Hollywood stars, not by a longshot. And he was certainly nobody’s idea of a good actor. But he filled an important, time-honored niche: that of the guy who wasn’t the best actor, but DAMN, was he good-looking! He cranked out light, fun, crowd-pleasing action fare. The men went because they were cool movies, the women went because of Errol’s Hotness. Gripe all you want, but Hollywood needs stars like Errol….it’s how they stay in the black and can afford to make the one or two ‘Quality Pictures’ they churn out per year.

Things haven’t changed at all…that niche still exists. Although now I’d say it has expanded in quantity (there are far more low-talent actors making dumb action flicks) while declining in quality (today’s niche-fillers are SO MUCH LESS hot than Errol, and their action movies SUCK.) Brad Pitt wishes he could be as hot as Errol Flynn. Keanu Reeves dreams that any of his movies could be half as enjoyable as The Adventures of Robin Hood.

Besides the hotness, Errol carried the dashing rogue thing off so well that it seeped into his private life. Off-screen he really did live the sort of life that George Clooney pretends to live. Hard-partying yet suave, surrounded by beautiful women and scandalous innuendo. You never knew if any of the rumours were true, but it’s easy to believe anything about Errol because, well, he was so gorgeous. I mean, lookit Errol in this suit. This is wet-dream material for Clooney. Ocean’s WHO?!? Ocean’s What?? Who cares? If Errol walked onto an Ocean’s movie set wearing this, he’d trump every little wanna-be in those movies combined.

And that’s why we’re wishing a Happy Birthday to Errol Flynn. He helped set the bar so high that Hollywood is still struggling to reach it 65 years later.

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