Virtue is its own Reward…

but bribery helps as well.

Before we left on vacation in April, I decided that if I succeeded in getting on the plane without losing my shit, I was going to treat myself to a reward.

Wheee! Almost two months late, I know, but I was so busy and my tattoo guy was off a week or two last month because his girlfriend had a kid. This way it can be an airplane reward and a raise treat as well. Anyway, I absolutely love it!!

“What the freak is it??” you may be asking. It’s a star map of the constellation Scorpio. I’ve always rather wanted a Scorpio-themed tattoo, but didn’t know how to approach it. I didn’t want just a picture of a scorpion, because everybody and their uncle has a scorpion tattoo. The astrological symbol for Scorpio is stupid looking; it’s an ‘M’ with a little hook on the end…everyone would just think it was an M for ‘Mary’ or ‘Mom’ or ‘Mike’ or gawdknowswhat. Then one day it dawned on me: the constellation itself!

  1. It’s a simple, easy design.
  2. As a star map, it’s inherently geeky and so matches my other tats.
  3. It reminds me of BW who has tried, patiently, to point out Scorpio in the sky to me every chance he gets. I’m clueless and most of the time just don’t see it, but he’s been trying since we started dating…I think last summer was the first time I really SAW it…and that’s about the time I got the idea for the tat.

Then I added the big star just to give it some visual context. The color scheme are just colors that I like. In photo above the colors are actually off…it’s more purple and grey, it’s not blue! I will post a better pic next week once some of the redness on my skin goes away.

So anyway, BW had a personal day he had to use, so he took Friday off. We went down to Angry Moon for my afternoon appointment with Cyco Mike** and after an hour of setting-up and futzing around, the whole inking process probably only took an hour. I used my topical anesthetic, but I think it wore off while we were waiting to get started. It really wasn’t bad, though. I was kind of glad to do it without meds, it gave me something else to be pleased about overcoming. And I’m really happy about how it came out; just exactly how I’d planned it out in my head! Afterward we went out for British pub food, all in all, a very good day. :)

More photos right here!

**(Saving this for the end so I don’t interrupt my narrative. I’ve said it before: if you live within 500 miles of Pittsburgh and want a tattoo, make the drive, come here, go to Angry Moon on Carson, and demand Cyco Mike. Accept no substitutes! Cyco is the MAN! I just adore that guy. He’s professional, nice, charges really reasonable prices, and most important he has mad skillz…as the kids today would say. I knew exactly what I wanted and he went out of his way to make sure I got it. On his wall he had some sketches he was working up for other clients, and they were so impressive…the guy is just an incredibly talented artist. He showed me a pic of a big full-arm greyscale piece he did for some woman of Bela Lugosi as Dracula; it blew my mind. And he’s cute, too! ;) You’ll be in good hands with Cyco Mike; ask for him by name.)

4 Responses to “Virtue is its own Reward…”

  1. LOUP Says:

    AWESOME!! I love it!! And see it doesn’t hurt THAT bad. = )

  2. Serhaex Says:

    Looks great. Maybe one day I will have the courage to undergo the needle for a tat.

  3. Gutterboy Says:

    That is a beauty.

  4. whistler Says:

    WOW! Beauuutiful!

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