See Y’all In Church

If movie-watching was a religion, today surely would be a high holy day. April 5th is the birthday of Gregory Peck, Spencer Tracy, AND Bette Davis! How is that even possible? It boggles the mind.

I stand in such awe of this group, I’m tounge-tied. Everything I have to say about Gregory Peck, I’ve already said here, in an essay I wrote after his death last year. It’s been over a year, but it is still painful for me to think he’s gone. I haven’t even been able to bring myself to watch To Kill A Mockingbird since he died; I don’t think I could take it. We miss you, Greg.

And Bette Davis, my gawd, what can you say? All I know is, she has my vote for Queen of the Universe. As for Spencer Tracy, I’ll just say he was a damn fine actor, and leave it at that. How can all this talent be born within 16 years of each other, while today there’s barely a handful of actors out there who deserve the title?

Today finally ends the birthday marathon. The rest of my weekend was pretty cool. Saturday, we picked up Tim The Enchanter and went to this bar called “D’s” where they sell tasty hot dogs, excellent fries, and have the best selection of take-out beer in Pittsburgh. Seriously, hundreds upon hundreds of kinds, reasonably priced, and you don’t have to buy a whole case! If they don’t have it, it can’t be gotten here. Anyway, we ate, picked up some beer, and went back to Tim’s to consume said beverages and play Vice City. Woot!

Sunday, some folks came over and my friend Janet did a demo for a company called Stampin’ Up, that sells everything pertaining to rubber stamps. It was pretty fun, people bought lots, and I got free goodies. Thanks everyone for coming!

Now I’ll go back to my usual state of not having anything to write about.

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