Back in black

You all might remember my dismay when Vanilla Coke (and particularly Diet Vanilla Coke) was discontinued.

Well, the people have spoken and Almighty E has smiled down upon us, because Diet Vanilla Coke is back!! It has been reincarnated as Vanilla Coke Zero, but that’s irrelevant. It has returned! And there was much rejoicing!

I still don’t get the whole “Coke Zero” thing. I know it’s a marketing gimmick to sell no-calorie sodapop to men who are put off by the word “diet.” (As an aside, just HOW insecure in your masculinity do you have to BE to worry about being seen drinking “diet” pop?? My GAWD, grow a set, already!!) And I know there is a slightly different chemical formula. If you compare Diet Coke to plain Coke Zero, Diet Coke actually tastes better; Zero is too sweet. But now they are making all the Coke flavors like cherry and vanilla in the Zero, while Diet is only available in plain. Which I guess works out because Zero tastes good with flavors in it, but not plain. Whatever, it makes my head hurt.

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