Go Me!

Gosh, I feel all empowered and Oprah-ish (or is it Oprahy? Oprahtic?)  Anyhoo, maybe it was the guidance of Rosalind Russell, but yesterday I asked for a raise and got one! W00t!

At least, I got my boss to agree to one in principle.  I gently reminded him how I’ve been managing the entire conversion process from our old website to our new one single-handed, adding all the content with the clunky, difficult content-manager we’re stuck with, testing, finding all the bugs, trying to stay in constant communication with our English-As-A-Fifth-Language web coders to get them to fix said bugs, and fielding questions from illiterate librarians who can’t figure out how to use the new site.

Meanwhile, none of my other work duties have shrunk.  And judging from our recent meeting, the website stuff is just going to grow.  The most common phrase I heard was, “We can put that on the website.”  And in the strange language of my workplace, the word “we” means “cheryl.”

So he completely agreed to a 8-10% raise. :) Now I just have to watch him like a hawk to make sure that when he does the paperwork for my annual reappointment, he remembers/follows through.  Why can’t I ever have an OCD boss?  I’m always stuck with flakes who don’t remember their names half the time.

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  1. LOUP Says:

    Congrats!! If we had OCD bosses .. we would BE the bosses LOL.

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