Set a spell

We spent this weekend 1. eating Indian food with buddy Janet and 2. sweeping, mopping, and scooping up umpteen fall-and-winter months’ worth of dirt, dust, rock salt stain, leaves, and general crud off of our porch and front yard.

I planted a few flowers, want to order some more online soon, and we also set up our new porch furniture. Check it out:

Actually, the only new things are the loveseat and the curtain, but I love them. They take it to a whole new level, AND they were mega-bargains! I scored the loveseat and every cushion and pillow on it at Pier 1. They were having a sale where all Clearance items were an extra 50% off…so I got the entire works for $115!!

The curtain was $10 from TJ Maxx. I can’t believe how I lucked out there. Not only is it fabulous, but functional too. It keeps us from having to see the Russians’ ugly-ass front yard (which looks like a WWI war zone), and will keep their big stupid dog from barking at us all day. And it adds such a nice feel of luxe. I had originally wanted a more sheer curtain, but I’m glad I found this opaque one…it work out perfectly.

How I love buying nice stuff without spending money. :D

Porch isn’t 100% done yet. We are going to be painting that white trim you see a nice khaki color soon. Mmmm, paint.

3 Responses to “Set a spell”

  1. kta Says:

    Buying stuff withouth spending money…I have got to learn how to do that!!! ;-) Love the porch, it’s adorable!! I have been wondering….do you miss crack monkey at all??? :-D

  2. LOUP Says:

    It looks great! I wish we had enough room on our front porch to have chairs or something … = )

  3. whistler Says:

    Lol! Crack Monkey!!

    The porch looks great!

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