Using OCD Powers for Good

My neighborhood improvement group started an Adopt-a-Block program, and I joined. This means that I picked a street near me and have committed to go out and pick up litter from it twice a month.

Even though I walk around in a constant state of being annoyed by litter, and wanting to pick it up, I was reluctant to join the program. Part of me thinks of it as enabling behavior…you know, why should I go pick up after slobs, that’s just encouraging them? But the hard truth is: you cannot reform a slob. Humans are pigs at heart, you can’t trust them to learn to pick up after themselves and unfortunately, you can’t MAKE them do it. So you have two options: 1. continue to look at litter or 2. pick it up yourself.

I’m trying to think positively of the long-term effects of this. I want more people like me to move to my ‘hood. They won’t if it looks sloppy. So by making the neighborhood cleaner and nicer, hopefully the end result will be more nice people moving in and then the pressure of all the Quality People will drive out The Slobs. Right?

I just wish this volunteer gig came with more authority. Like, the authority to go up to a house with a messy sidewalk, knock on the door, and go all Joan Crawford on their ass.

Slobs:*whine* But…but…but hooowwwwwwwwwwwww?
Me: YOU FIGURE IT OUT!!! *flings can of Bon-Ami at slobs’ heads*

Ahhhh…..such a happy fantasy.

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  1. Wendy Says:

    More authority would be awesome. I love the Bon-Ami idea. Joan rocked.

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