MIA: My metabolism

Ok, so what with two birthdays and an egagement party last weekend, I gained a few pounds. No biggie, it happens, so I set about this past week trying to lose them. I haven’t been exercisng to my normal extent because the weather took a nose-dive, so I tried to compensate for that by eating less. That was hard because I really don’t eat all that much to begin with, but I tried to tweak what I ate.

I followed all the advice found in BW’s Men’s Health mag: I cut back on carbs, I tried to eat protein w/every meal, I snacked on stuff like peanut butter and beef jerky and fruit. I did that all week and weekend with the exception of one big Indian meal on Friday. And you know what?

I now weigh freakin’ MORE than I did when I started!!!

w. t. F?!!

Hell, if those are the results I get from going lower-carb, higher-protein, then fuck it I’m gonna go on the All-Bagel Diet. *hrrruuummpf*

2 Responses to “MIA: My metabolism”

  1. LOUP Says:

    You should have your thyroid tested just in case. Because of it my metabolism stays in the crapper.

  2. kta Says:

    I look at food and gain 50 lbs. :-(

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