What’s worse? Hurricane, flood, devastation, disease, and homelessness..
Just day-to-day life in Pittsburgh?

You decide!


The Pittsburgh region has lost more residents since 2000 than any U.S. metropolitan area except New Orleans, but there’s no hurricane responsible for it dropping 60,309 people.

Instead, the latest population figures from the U.S. Census Bureau show southwestern Pennsylvania with a rare double whammy for a metropolitan area: low international immigration and an imbalance of deaths outpacing births.

Pittsburgh is among urban areas where the number of people moving to another part of the country exceeds the number moving in. Some regions compensate for that by having more births than deaths, but in the local region it’s just the opposite. It had 21,045 more deaths than births between the 2000 census and July 1, 2006. It is the largest metropolitan area where deaths outnumber births.

Though as I look with envy upon my fellow rats fleeing, I must ponder this: If PGH’s birthrate is so very, very low, WHY is it that I can’t go anywhere without being surrounded by goddamn sproggen??? I shudder to think how things must be in places with HIGH birthrates.

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  1. Kirkkitsch Says:

    Man, no shit. If you think you see a lot of kids, you should come here. It’s like weird mommie cult or something. It permeates everything: no matter how desolate a place I choose to eat lunch/dinner at, some scunch and her brood will be seated right next to me. It never fails. Then there’s 95% of the garage sales around here that are what I call “drivebys.” The ones where just one look tells you all you need to know: baby clothes/Happy Meal toys/baby toys= caca.

    Did they mention if the death rate was of natural causes or because of crime?

    Trust me, babies are not the new must-have accessory.

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