Television Porn

To celebrate the fact that my MIAMI VICE discs arrived in the mail yesterday, I wanted to share these cool images with you. I got these all by following a link from Kirk’s blog (thanks, Kirk!) to a site that has covers from issues of Playgirl magazine dating way, way back. Fun stuff to browse!

Anyway, I picked out some favorites. Brace yourself for a big wallop of 80′s nostalgia.

Is that not awesome?? My man DJ…mmmm, Crockett. I mean Burnet. No, wait, Crockett. And check out hottie Pierce Brosnan from back in the Remington Steele days! OMG, he has such eyes. Pierce should have just stuck with that show and not even bothered with that James Bond crap. I loved that show.

Next up is ol’ Magnum. Now, I am not a Tom Selleck fan. But he’s here because he brings back memories. Magnum P.I. was an ok show…sometimes pretty good, sometimes lame. Sometimes I wanted to watch something else, but my mom made us watch Magnum because she was a Selleck fan. There ya go, mom. However, the show that came on right after Magnum, I just loved….Simon & Simon! Check out Jameson Parker! Was he not the hotness as AJ Simon on that show?? Damn right. Major 80′s crush.

Can you believe Joan Collins on the cover of Playgirl? Me neither. Not a big Dynasty fan, but Joan and her over-the-top bitchness was the best thing about it.  And obviously the last is not a TV person, but daaayyyyyyummmm!  Couldn’t pass that up.

Isn’t odd looking back at how Playgirl used to be so much less sleazy than it is now? I’m surprised at how innocuous it is, what with all the popular TV stars and even women on the covers.  It’s like they’re actually making a token effort to appeal to their (ostensibly) female hetero audience. :)   How things have changed!

4 Responses to “Television Porn”

  1. babs Says:

    Oh my God. It looks positively chaste by comparison and you’ve got good hotties. A.J. from Simon and Simon and Dex, and Remington even, though I liked Murphy better. The 80s were a good time for the dirty blonde look, which was my first type. :) . Thank you muchly.

  2. babs Says:

    The Han’s from Empire, isn’t it? It’s got to be. :) .

  3. tarsier Says:

    Yes, it’s from ESB….the apex of the Hotness that is Han Solo.

  4. babs Says:

    And the reason so many thirty something women (and probably a few men out there) have crushes on Harrison Ford. Okay, the Indiana Jones helped too. I never got into Magnum, but loved Simon and Simon. When I was in San Diego, my sister and I were mentioning that it never rains in Simon and Simon. Or if it does, it’s only periodically.

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