B-Day Pre-Day

Their birthday is tomorrow, but since I don’t usually post on Saturdays I’m going to give an early ‘HUZZAH!’ to BW, and to his birthdate-sharing best celebrity friend (if they would only meet)/counterpart EWAN! So HUZZAH!

I do so love my two Aries Scottish biker Gen-X geek boys. :)

Did you know that Ewan and BW are fellow clansmen? Yup. BW’s last name is a common derivation of/alternate to ‘MacGregor.’

The histories of early Scotland are invevitably vague and partial. We know the MacGregors were notorious for their fierceness in battle and for the assiduity with which they pursued their enemies. In 1563 their lands were seized and licences to pursue the MacGregors with “fire and sword” were granted to Sir John Campbell of Glenorchy. In 1603, the very name MacGregor was proscribed by an order of the Privy Council. All those who bore the name were commanded on pain of death to adopt other surnames. This proscription survived till 1674, when some, but not all, readopted the MacGregor name.

Many different names were adopted during the proscription, including Gregor, Greig and Greer, in a variety of spellings. From these derive today’s MacGregors, McGregors, Griersons, Greers and many others.

So besides the many other things that they have in common, a-wheeeeeeeee back in the mist-shrouded days of Scottish early history BW and Ewan also share a common ancestor. Bet he was cute.

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